Chevrolet EN-V Concept

Chevrolet EN-V Electric Concept Vehicle, the future of Electric Cars

Chevrolet EN-V Concept
We all thought by now we would have flying cars based on the movies we watched in the late 80’s and early 90’s. We just entered the year 2015, and even though flying car aren’t available commercially we are on the verge of having all-electric cars that park themselves.

Chevrolet just announced its new 2015 Bolt EV concept, a long-range all-electric vehicle capable of parking itself, and then retrieve itself once the driver summons it.

Chevy EN-V
We can also expected to see way more self parking electric vehicles in the near future as well. Above is the image of the 2011 Chevy EN-V Concept Vehicle, which stands for electric networked vehicle.

The two seater all-electric vehicle is in the pre-production stages at General Motors, and currently being used in field testing and demonstration programs, it has the ability to avoid crashes, doesn’t use gasoline plus it can drive and park itself.

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