China gets World of Warcraft Theme Park

WoW Theme ParkWorld of Warcraft fans can now be happy as they now have their own Disney type park, which has been located in Changzhou China. The park isn’t licensed by Blizzard Entertainment, the developer of the MMORPG game, but the park certainly looks official, according to Reddit user Francesca.

Francesca visited the park over the weekend, and posted images of her visit. If you would like to see the user’s album you can go here! Francesca did some research and found out that the park cost a whopping 300 million RMB ($48 million) to build, it cost patrons 200 RMB for admission ($30).

There’s no word if Blizzard Entertainment has any involvement with the park, the park seems to have been around for sometime now and there haven’t been any lawsuits filed, so its safe to say that WOW is ok with the fan theme park.

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