Chop-E Electric Bike

Chop-E Electric Bike on KickStarter travels 329 Miles for $1

Chop-E Photo
Gas may be less than two dollars per gallon currently, but with the Chop-E Electric Bike you can travel approximately 329 miles on a single dollar. The Chop-E Electric Bike project is currently on KickStarter seeking funding of $100,000 to kick off production.

The Chop-E Electric Bike features a design much different from most electric bikes on the market, it comes equipped with a powerful 1kW engine together with a 20Ah battery consisting of 16x LiFePo4 elements, providing 48 volts to power the trendy 140lbs electric bike.

One of the most attractive parts of the bike’s design, is it’s 20-inch tire on the rear fitted around an 18-inch alloy rim. The bike is capable of achieving speeds of up to 20mph or 35km with a range of 35+ miles or 55+ km.

One of the first set of Chop-E could be yours by simply backing the company on KickStarter, make a pledge of $4,499 to put the Chop-E on the production line.

[Source: Chop-E on KickStarter]

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