Cinemizer Plus works with iPod and iPhone

Cinemizer Plus
Have you ever imagine yourself watching videos from a really cool pair of shades, like the super spies you see in the movies? Well now you can do it out of your imagination with the Cinemizer Plus by Carl Zeiss.

The Cinemizer Plus is an update to the Cinemizer, the plus version is the first video playing eyewear that will work with your iPod and iPhone. The Cinemizer Plus comes with adapters for both iPhone V1 and the iPhone 3G plus all video playing iPods. You will get a virtual screen which is approximately 45-inch and seems to be up to 6 feet away from you while viewing your videos.

The Cinemizer is scheduled to be launched in the UK and USA sometime in May and will be going for GBP 399 or $449 respectively.

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