Claro Jamaica offers Unlimited Wireless Internet

Claro Jamaica
America Movil’s Jamaican based company Claro now offers Unlimited Prepaid Hi-Speed Wireless Internet Service to the consumers of Jamaica. The service is offered with a Huawei E226 3G Wireless Modem that supports HSDPA 850/1900/2100MHz 3G networks and GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz 2G networks.

The Huawei E226 3G Wireless Modem combined with Claro’s Service gives users surfing speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps, the speeds varies on the network coverage and understanding that they have recently started operations on the island is considered not a problem. The modem gives a GPRS speed of up to 53.6kbps, UMTS up to 384kbps, EDGE up to 236.8kbps and HSDPA up to 7.2Mbps.

The Huawei E226 3G Wireless Modem is being retailed by Claro Jamaica at approximately $68 US and unlimited service for 30 days at $40

Update: It came to my attention that Claro 3G Internet Service has some hidden clause. After the user reaches 3GB of data uses the connection speed is drop to 15kps. For this I have to give Claro Jamaica two thumbs down!!! Unlimited shouldn’t come with clause or whatever it is called..

Update 2: It seems as if Claro Jamaica is giving us a Dominica Republic IP Address, if you should go on certain websites that identifies your location, you will realize that it indicates that you are from the Dominica Republic. I know most of you guys consider that as nothing but my problem is that when I visit sites like Myspace my default language is Spanish and I speak English.

Update 3 This has nothing to do with the Internet Service they offer, but I think they need a more honest system of compensating customers for credit lost due to the company’s fault.

I bought $3500 JMD worth of credit and when I was adding the credit only $3000 of the amount was successfully added to the account. So I contacted the Customer Service department.

1st Agent: Sir the credit was already added to a 303 Number, you will have to take it back to the retailer.

So that is what I did, I went back to the retailer the other day, and explained to the retailer. The retailer said that they are not responsible because the card came straight from the machine. They said I should contact Claro Jamaica again and I did.

2nd Agent: (after explaining the entire story), Can I have the PIN#, am sorry sir it was already added to an account. (so i explained the story again and make sure I told her it wasn’t on my phone), she then placed me and hold and then the call mysterious disconnects.

3rd Agent: (Explain the story again) This time she talks to the retailer, after having the retailer on hold for approximately 15 minutes, the call disconnects again

Call 4, 5, 6 and 7 also disconnected mysteriously. Call 8 and 9 rang for a while and then hang up. But Claro all I have to say to you is: Digicel is coming with 4G Broadband Service.

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  1. Question!!

    Can I get Wi-Fi Internet in Rose Hall Montego Bay to be able to offer free wi-fi to customers at a location, without breaking the bank.

  2. yow claro man it not even a work now as mi a type not even sure this gona go thro, but anyways at first it was AWWWsome but nowwwwwwwwwwww… laud g claro y tell me y o y .. mi ting haffi so slo mi cant even go pon twitter… kmt man wah diss ?? ur way of business???? kmtttttt this is horrible DIGICEL ME SEH ALL Z WAY IT WORKS BETTTERRRRRRRR ITS GOT 4G AND YES AM LASHING OUT AM ANGRY AND UPSET AND AM ONLY 16….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. i bought a new claro modem the problem is it is showing a 1-2mb of downloading when it cant download more than 300kb per second why is this ??

  4. I am living in in Ramble ,Hanover and looking for wireless connection for my Lab top.
    How do I go about doing this?

  5. Well it is still unlimited internet because you still connect and can still browse….well at edge but it’s still internet…..

  6. Everytime i activate my claro nokia internet stick it runs for 2-3hrs then disconnects by itself. Then when it is reconnected it disconnects again in a mere 20mins or less. It is getting quite annoying. Has anyone encountered this problem and knows how it can be fixed?

  7. I’m having a problem with my internet stick. The net is slow and I can’t get through to Claro when I call. It takes forever To load facebook, and I can’t communicate via chat!

  8. It is rumoured that Claro Jamaica will be offering the Apple Iphone 3Gs and the Nokia N900. I do hope that it is more than rumour. Eagerly awaiting both phones, caught between two (2) lovers, who do I choose; which phone will offer me the best quality of service?
    Claro need to start a campaign regarding upcoming phones, small teasers to brighten my days and keep me wanting more from them.

    Keep up the Good work CLARO JAMAICA.

  9. I bought a post paid plan from Claro in November 2008,its the best thing that I have ever done in my life(except serve God)
    The service is excellent. I have bought 4 fones from Claro since then. My latest acquisition is the BlackBerry Bold 9000 for my friend. The 3G experience is crazy, it is much faster than my ADSL from LIME.
    Thank you CLARO JAMAICA

  10. Yeah but sht*< i bought this thing and it is way slow…Foolish ppl wooting for Claro when dem service fk up, the signal will reach the highest i see is 180kb
    then just drop to all 5kb then boom back up..Thats rubbish

    ADSL is better cuz the wire is connected right in ya line, straightup lime
    I shoulda nevah switch

  11. I called customer care to register my disgust and disappointment with the drastic drop in the speed of their 3g-modem-plan, only to be told that there is a clause that we were not made aware of before we bouhgt the darn thing.
    After 3gig of data has been used they drop the speed to edge(whatever that means its a far reduced speed). My great concern is why were we not told this b4-deception!!!

  12. I bought the claro modem a month ago and it was quite fast for about a week after which it has dropped considerably in speed. It is now slower than the dial up service I had before. I realise i have made a huge mistake in buying this rubbish. i am certainly going back to my old service(good thing i did not throw away the old broom). Can’t pay $3500 + $700gct for such sluggish speed. Nobody should buy it, it a rip off. I have learnt that i should always watch and wait before buying new products. Am really disappointed with Claro, and its not that the reception is poor in my area; i live very close to a transmitter and my connection speed is shown as 7.2Mbps. What height of deception!!!!

    1. Well as bad as it is i can’t say anything bad about claro because where I live i applied for adsl a long time ago and Lime kept giving me the run around, I had to use the GPRS service which only gives 5kbps for $2000 per month and now i am getting an average of 53kbps from the Claro USB modem, that is a real step up for me..

    2. well delroy you should have done ur homework
      check the specs for the modem and u will see that it says it offers 7.2 mbps
      and no deception , again do ur research , speed will be reduced to edge based on the fair usuage policy that is communicated thru all networks locally
      and yes mr calame , wait for that 4g

    1. Well I have no idea what is the problem, I have been been using this for the pass four weeks and I get a good service, except for last Saturday when i got no service at all and i had to call the customer care centre, the service came back later that day.

  13. You dont say aaliyah.. mmhm heard it is fast, but base on coverage areas, maybe where you are located the signal is poor. Never used it.. 🙂

  14. i bought the claro modem n its really slow i wish someone had told me b4 i waisted my money mabey i should check out lime 3g net service cuz claro sucks big time. Learn from my mistake n dont get this thing its is slow n u cant get on anyweb sites its always dropin the pages. dial up is faster.

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