ClearView Audio unveils Clio Transparent Bluetooth Speaker

ClearView Audio took the wrapper off its new Clio Transparent Bluetooth Speaker at the CES 2014 in Las Vegas. The new portable and transparent speaker system comes equipped with a 2-inch woofer and piezoelectric actuators in its base. The piezoelectric actuators in the base of the device was created to simulate two thin membranes one in each channel that run along both sides of its transparent curved transducer.

Clio Bluetooth SpeakerThe tranducers then moves back and fourth motion to create 360-degree stereo sound, which is emitted from the device at both rear and front of the 1mm thick transparent acrylic panel. This new 24-watt speaker system connects seamlessly to your tablet, smartphone, or computer using Bluetooth connectivity up to 30 feet.

ClearView Audio is now taking pre-orders on the new Clio Transparent Bluetooth Speaker from its website for the price of $350, the speaker system is available in a range of finishes including silver, bronze and charcoal.

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