Compaq Presario CQ4010F, 500B and 505B Desktop PCs

Compaq Presario CQ4010F
Along with the Compaq Presario CQ61z, three new desktop computers were also announced. The three new computers are the Compaq Presario CQ4010F, 500B and 505B Desktop. The Presario CQ4010F features a small form factor casing and carries a low-power 2.3GHz Sempron Processor along with the processor there is an integrated GeForce 6150 Graphics, 250GB hard drive and up to 2GB of Memory.

The Presario CQ4010F is quite an economical desktop PC with a price tag with a starting price of $309.

Compaq Presario 500B and 505B
Then there is the Presario 500B and the 505B, these two desktop computers features a mini tower shape and was tailored for business users. The Presario 500B rocks an Intel Celeron processor or an optional Pentium dual-core processor, it is the only of the three desktop to sport an intel-based processor but it is least expensive of the two. There is a 160GB hard drive and 1GB of RAM and is priced at $359. The Presario 505B packs a Athlon II processor, option of either a eForce G210 or Radeon HD 4350 Graphics for $409.

All three Compaq Desktops does NOT come with a monitor and will be available as of October 22nd.

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