Coolbox Smart Toolbox Charges your Phone and Holds Your Beer

Introducing the Coolbox, the reinvention of the conventional toolbox that was intended to wow. The Coolbox features a modern rugged design and comes with all the classic storage and compartments you would expect from a toolbox. It could be easily be described as the “Swiss Army Knife” of Toolboxes, it comes equipped with three integrated power bar between the wheels, two USB ports for recharging your devices, wireless Bluetooth speakers so you can stream music while you work, a bottle opener, a digital clock and a compartment to keep your beers cold (just add ice). Oh yes and it does have compartments for your tools as well.

Coolbox Smart Toolbox
Sound uber cool so far but that’s not all, it has a stand/dock for your smartphone and for your tablet, LED flood lights, a white board on the top, a magnetic lid to keep your nuts and bolts in one spot, a 12v rechargeable battery and a 10-inch retractable power cord.

The Coolbox is here to revolutionize the way you work on each job, well that’s what they said and we believe. The Smart Toolbox is currently on Indiegogo seeking a crowd funding goal of $50,000 but they have already achieved 137% of that goal and still have 45 days left. If you think the Coolbox will make your life cooler, you can make a pledge to be one of the first to own one.

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