Cooler Master SNA 95W Notebook Adapter

Cooler Master SNA 95
Cooler Master is now offering the world’s smallest 95W notebook adapter. The adapter measures only 75 x 17 x 145 mm and will work with most notebook PC. It has a bundled rank with nine power tips for different notebooks, there is also a USB port that support USB charging for mobile phones, MP3 Players and other devices.

There is also a dustproof function and a LED indicator which shows status. The Cooler Master SNA 95W Notebook Adapter also comes with a H-shape reel base for cable management.

Cooler Master SNA 95W

Cooler Master SNA 95W Notebook Adapter


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  1. It used be mandatory with technology to upgrade to new models every year or so. Now it seems people hang onto devices longer than the warranties on their equipment, batteries and chargers which for some reason always get lost, degrade or need replacement. This is one of those new ideas which solve multiple problems for multiple devices and it’s affordable. You only have two problems remaining with this new product as we see it.

    1. Where to buy one?
    2. Where did you put the tips the last time you used it?

    This product was added to our catalog July 12,2009

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