Crytek opens beta for Warface on Xbox

Crytek has entered its upcoming title Warface into open beta for the Xbox console making available to anyone who wants to get a sneek peek before its available for sale. The PC version of the game was launched in beta back in January 2013, plus they also launched in limited beta for Xbox gamers.

crytek warfaceNow they are announcing that the title is in open beta for Xbox owners to play around with. As an open beta, anyone can get in on the action and play the game, but not the entire thing of-course you will have to pay for that. In open beta there are three Versus modes from the closed beta and several maps.

It’s uncertain how long the game will be in open beta before it moves to the final version, however Crytek did promise a continuous flow of new content for the game. If you intent to try out Crytek’s Warface in beta you might just enjoy, it has several mission types and difficulties.

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