Cubify 3D Printer Goes Up For Pre-order, Coming May 25th

The Cubify 3D Printer that was announced back in January at the CES is finally making its way into homes and offices starting on May 25th. 3D Systems just announced that the 3D Printing Device is now up for pre-orders and will cost you $1,299 to reserve a unit.
Cubify 3D Printer
The $1,299 asking price will get you the printer and a single neon material cartridge, but you can order additional cartridges in different colors at $50 per cartridge. The printer works more like a plotter, but instead of cutting two dimensional graphics, the Cubify 3D Printer cuts 3D objects.

It allows you to express yourself and creatively, or you can pay to download designs from the Cubify store, prices ranging from $10 for an iPhone case design.

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