Cyber Snipa ships its Sonar Portable Mini Speaker

Cyber Snipa Sonar Portable Mini SpeakerCyber Snipa has announced that they will start shipping its Sonar Portable Mini Speaker which was reported here few weeks ago here after its unveiling at E3. This might not be the most popular brand when it comes with portable Mini speakers but according to the company, their product is shockingly powerful portable speaker for mobile devices. It comes in a compact package and should be easy to travel with, it enables the user to share their favorite tracks with friends around them without the need to carry a heavy and power consuming speaker system.

The Sonar Portable Mini Speaker comes with Cyber Snipa’s patented vacuum bass system which delivers quality sound and a bass that isn’t expected from a speaker system this small. It also comes with a rechargeable lithium battery which allows it to go on for up to 4 hours before requiring a recharge, it is expected to already be available nationwide and it goes for only $29.95 or $22.10 from Amazon.

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