Cyber Snipa Silencer Gaming Mouse

Cyber Snipa Silencer Gaming Mouse
Cyber Snipa announces its latest pro laser gaming mouse, the Silencer. It was designed for pro PC gamers and uses advanced macro technology. The Silencer comes with a variety of cutting edge features which includes 9 customizable gamer buttons, 7 gaming profiles and over 63 commands.

There is also a fully adjustable 100-5000 DPI, gaming grade laser engine and LED indicator. The Silencer has an adaptable weight system giving you optimum control. Adjust the weight and balance (up to 29.4 grams) to achieve the best handling by simply removing one or more of the 6 available weights. See the full specifications after the jump..

Technical specifications:

* Up to 5000 DPI using state-of-art laser technology
* On the fly DPI selection with 4 configurable levels
* 9 programmable buttons with 7 modes, allowing up to 63 unique macro scripts to be assigned to the mouse
* Software tool for mouse configuration
* Programmable buttons feature as both gaming buttons or Internet buttons
* 4-way scrolling
* Adjust lift button allowing for optimal sensor performance
* 16 bit data path for ultimate performance
* 1000 Hz polling rate
* 7200 frame rate
* 150 inch/sec tracking speed
* 2 super size low friction PTFE feet
* Adjustable weight system with 6 x 4.9gr weights
* Changeable rubber side grips
* Ergonomic and comfortable design

3 Replies to “Cyber Snipa Silencer Gaming Mouse”

  1. But Logitech don’t make a mouse with these ergonomics. Especially not a corded one.

    Both Logitech and Microsoft mice cramp my hand after prolonged use because there is nowhere to rest your ring and pinkie fingers, they just drag. Also both manufactueres seem obsessed with wireless mice. I’d prefer to deal with a cord (which has never caused a problem in the first place) than mess about with batteries/recharing the mouse!

    I have recently tried a Mionix Naos 5000, but the grooves on the right hand side are too short, so it still causes your ring and pinkie fingers to drag. I tried a Raptor M3 Platinum, and the ergonimics were good (except the thumb buttons were too far forward, so couldn’t easily access the front button), but the tracking was very poor (when trying to click a small icon, the pointer would move eratically and the same when dragging/positioning windows, etc. You had to really concentrate when focusing the pointer at slow speeds, which is no good).

    So for me, I have yet to find a good mouse and am still stuck with Logitech MX518, whose ergonomics I hate (as mentioned above).

    I would be interesting in trying out the Cyber Sniper Silencer (or the Ace Edge 3200), because maybe, just maybe they could have made a decent mouse. It’s a bit more subtle looking than the Ozone Smog, which is a good thing because I can’t stand fancy colours, flashing LED’s, etc. (which is where the Mionix Naos 5000 was outstandingly good, as it was just plain black and you could turn off all the LED’s if you wanted to, or change the colours).

    It’s frustrating because there are so many mice on the market, but I can’t find one decent one.

  2. It’s a piece of STILL YET TO BE RELEASED crap. Buy a Logitech G500 instead. Same price, better functionality, more buttons and gadgets, and a name you probably already trust with great customer service. That’s what I did. After posting a comment on the Cyber Snipa webpage-blog questioning why they still hadn’t released their product when they stated they would (more than 4 weeks following the release date) and questioning why they haven’t posted any updates about the actual product release the site admin refused to post comments by anyone other than the idiots who run around as moderators on their webpage to make themselves appear good. Makes you wonder how many other people had posted comments who had actually pre-ordered the mouse that never saw the light of day. Goes to show you can’t trust Cyber Snipa. They took preorders for the darn thing! Why would you take money for a product you couldn’t release on the set date and then continue to take money for AFTER that set date was past, refusing to keep the customers updated on your current lie?.. Only if you were a greedy piece of worthless crap company like the guys over at Cyber Snipa, that’s why!

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