CyberPowerPC introduces Zeus Storm Desktop Gaming Systems

CyberPower announced the Zeus Storm series, a powerful trio of desktop gaming computers that comes equipped with cutting edge processors from Intel and AMD, really powerful graphics cards from NVIDIA and AMD plus there are a host of performance peripherals perfect for gaming.
CyberPower Zeus Storm Desktop
The Zeus Storm series includes three models that stand ready to battle. There is the Zeus Storm 1000 that comes with 8-Core AMD Zambezi processors, the Zeus Storm 2000 that gets Intel 3rd Generation Ivy Bridge processor series and the Storm 3000 that gets Intel’s enthusiast 2nd Gen X79 platform including the latest 2nd Gen Sandy Bridge-E CPUs.

Regardless of your CPU choices, all Zeus Storm gaming PCs are “extreme OC” ready, delivering an additional 20% CPU performance out of the box. The Zeus Storm is enclosed in the new NZXT Phantom 820 gaming chassis. The full tower serves as the perfect suit of armor to provide maximum cooling and good looks with its sleek design and advanced hue lighting system that allows users to quickly change internal colors on the fly. But the Storm’s chassis is no gimmick.

Zeus Storm Gaming SeriesThe tower comes with up to eight 120 mm case fans which should keep the systems cool, In addition, Zeus Storm CPUs are liquid cooled with CyberPowerPC’s Advanced Hydro liquid cooling 360 mm kit that delivers maximum heat dissipation and minimal noise. The Zeus Storm series starts at a base price of $1,460.

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