D-Link DHD-131 MainStage TV Adapter for Wireless Streaming

D-Link DHD-131 MainStage
D-Link has announced the launch of its DHD-131 MainStage TV Adapter that works with Intel Wireless Display which allows laptops with WiDi 2.0 to stream HD videos with 5.1 surround sound wirelessly to your HDTV from up to a 33 feet distance. The D-Link DHD-131 is presently available on the US Market for the price of $129.99 and also kicks off sale on the Canadian market in July for $129.99. Connect the DHD-131 MainStage directly to your HDTV using an HDMI or A/V cable and it will give you the option to stream movies and TV shows from online TV services such as Hulu and Netflix or you will have the option to browse the internet or watch videos from your home network or notebook on the large screen HDTV. It is compatible with notebooks that are powered by an Intel Core Processor and it also allows the user to have two screens at the same time simply by dragging a movie onto the Windows extended screen and then enjoy on your HDTV. Get it at Amazon for $106.72

D-Link MainStage TV Adapter for Wireless Streaming

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