Datawind Pocketsurfer3 unveiled

Datawind Pocketsurfer3
Datawind, the company who manufactures the PocketSurfer Handheld Internet Devices has announced two new models on Thursday. These devices were made with those who want to access the internet while on the go without a hassle. The two new devices are the Pocketsurfer3 and the Pocketsurfer3 Lite which allow the user to access the internet for 30 hours a month for the first year at no cost, afterward there is a fee of £29.99.

The device sports a 5-inch TFT screen with a 640 x 240 pixel resolution, there are other cool specs such as a backlit QWERTY keyboard, touchpad mouse pointer, GPS Navigation, Wi-Fi, and GRPS. The devices comes with a battery that will give up to 4 hours of usage on a single charge and will cost £199.99 and £159.99 respectively.


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