DecalGirl Skin Kit for iPhone 4S – Review

DecalGirl iPhone 4S Skin
DecalGirl is known for their extremely colorful adhesive-backed vinyl skin kit which is available for just about any portable electronic device that you own.

We recently got our hands on one of the accessories maker’s Carbon Skin Kit with a black and gray high gloss finish for the iPhone 4 and 4S, it’s pretty elegant but it’s not on my iPhone as I’m the kinda guy that likes my iPhone naked, its beautiful as it is for me. If you like the elegant design of the Carbon Skin Kit for the iPhone 4S, you can find it on DecalGirl site for $9.99.

The Skin’s construction features durable vinyl which should protect your device from scratches and bruises to the edges way better than other cases would. As you can see from the kit above, it comes with eight pieces that fully protects each and every section of the iPhone 4S Smartphone.

Skin Kit from iPhone 4S
Opening on the DecalGirl Carbon Skin Kit that accommodates the 8-Megapixel camera and the flash on the iPhone 4S.

The Skin also comes with all the appropriate cut outs to accommodate your handset, it comes with a round cut-out that fits perfectly over the 8-Megapixel rear-facing camera and LED flash, same on the side strips to accommodate the volume buttons, at the bottom for the charging and connectivity ports as well as the top for the power button and headphone audio jack.

There’s also a perfect circular opening for the iPhone home button, the front panel is covered perfectly and gives visibility to the screen, the front-facing face-time camera and the ear-piece speaker.

My Thoughts on the DecalGirl Carbon Skin Kit for iPhone 4S Smartphone.
The Black & Gray Carbon Skin Kit for the iPhone 4S is ideal for the iPhone owner who wants an elegant dark color theme for their device if the plain look of your device just doesn’t cut it for you. It’s very simple and classy, it’s not fussy but just simple with a black and gray checker like design.

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