Dell Cast Streaming Android TV Stick launched for $80

Dell has announced its device called the Dell Cast, an Android Streaming Stick which allows you to stream content from one of Dell’s Android tablets to a TV. It may cost twice the amount of Google’s Chromecast Stick, however it has the capability of doing things that the Chromecast cannot.

Dell Cast
The Dell Cast works simply by plugging it into the HDMI port of your TV and then connect a micro USB cable to provide power. The user then use the Dell Cast app on one of Dell’s tablets to stream videos to a TV, however that’s only one thing you can do with the app.

The entertainment mode allows you to stream video from a Dell Tablet, then there’s the productivity mode that gives you a custom, desktop-style home screen and access to all of the apps on your phone. This allows the user to surf the web, run office software, and perform other actions just as if they were using a desktop computer, even though they are running from the tablet.

The Dell Cast recently passed through the FCC earlier this week and is already available at $80 per unit.

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