Dell Chromebook 11

Dell currently working on a Bay Trail Chromebook

Dell Chromebook 11
The Chromebook 11 which is currently offered by Dell is available with a choice of an Intel Celeron 2955U Haswell or Intel Core i3-4005U Haswell processor. However the company is now working on a version of the Chromebook 11 that is powered by Intel’s Celeron N2840 Bay Trail processor series.

According to the guys over at Notebook Italia, they got their hands on documents that revealed the details about Dell’s Chromebook 11 3120 with a Bay Trail processor at Dell’s swedish website. The document also points to other features in the new model such as an optional SIM card slot for models that can connect to cellular network.

Dell positions its Chrome 11 Laptop series as devices for education market, however they are also offered to consumers. The exisiting models of the Chromebook 11 currently retails at $280 and up, so the new model should fall into the same price range.

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