Dell Latitude E6410 and E6510 Notebooks

Dell Latitude E6410 Notebook
Dell unveils two new notebooks in its Latitude Line-up, the Latitude E6410 and E6510 for business users. Both Notebooks are powered by Intel’s Core i5 or Core i7 processors, up to 8GB of RAM and either integrated Intel HD graphics or dedicated NVIDIA NVS 3100M GPU.

The Latitude E6410 features a 14.1-inch LED display while the E6510 gets a 15-inch with a Full HD resolution. The only difference between them seems to be the screens as they both features hard drive storage up to 500GB or up to 256GB SSD, a DVD Burner or Blu-ray drive, WiFi and optional Bluetooth, a 6-in-1 card reader, a webcam, optional fingerprint scanner, optional smartcard reader, and eSATA/USB combo port.

Dell Latitude E6510
The Latitude E6410 and Latitude E6510 start at $1129 and $1164 respectively.

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