Venue 10 Pro

Dell’s new Venue 10 Pro Tablets runs Android or Windows OS

Venue 10 Pro

Dell Venue Pro 10 has the ability to run Android and Windows operating system simultaneously!

Dell has announced two new tablets to its range of tablets in the form of the Dell Venue 10 and Venue 10 Pro. The company has plans to start shipping the Venue 10 in spring 2015 and the Venue 10 Pro should be available as early as next month, starting on March 3rd for the price of $329.99 (tablet only) or $379.99 if you opt to get the attachable keyboard.

Both tablets comes with a 10.1-inch HD or Full HD display and are aimed at professionals who wants to be productive while on the go and students in an learning environment . Once combined with the optional keyboard, the user can choose between five (5) different working positions to make the most of different learning environments.

Dell Venue Tablet
These five different positions includes: clamshell for test scenarios and to use as a laptop, tent and stand positions to promote collaboration and sharing, plus a slate configuration for keyboard storage while in tablet mode.

The new Dell Venue 10 tablet runs an operating system which is based on Google’s Android 5.0 , and is also one of the first tablets to be certified with Google Play for Education, or Windows 8.1.

The tablet also features Near Field Communication allowing teachers and students to simply place devices with each other to transfer learning files and documents. If you would like more details about the new Dell Venue 10 and Venue 10 Pro, visit Dell’s website.

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