Dell’s Streak 5 Tablet Discontinued

Dell's Streak 5 Tablet
Dell has made the announcement on its US website that its Streak 5 Tablet is no longer available. The Computer giant recently made the announcement by simple adding a photo of a woman in sunglasses looking wistfully out of a car window with the caption “Goodbye Streak 5. It’s been a great ride.” It could be translated by many that it was actually not a good journey as regarding to sale, what other reason why they would be discontinuing the tablet.

The news was first highlighted by Streak Smart, which showcased that the discontinuation of the tablet appeared at this stage to apply only to US consumers. They also noted that the Streak 5 tablet still seems to be alive on the UK market and is being sold for a £379 which is approximately $615 in US dollars.

Streak Smart also pointed out that US stocks of the diminutive tablet ran out over a month ago, which meant it was selling like crazy or it was being dumped by the manufacturer. Its larger brother, the Streak 7 tablet continues to hold its place on the market so there is no telling how long it will last.

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