Device Certificate Services: Getting Protection Right from the Start

The Internet has not only made an infinite array of information instantly accessible to all users, it has changed the way we live, and the way businesses operate. As of June 2012, 34.3 per cent of the world’s population were online, equating to approximately 2,400 million of web surfers across the globe.

Secure SSLStatistics such as these not only indicate the importance of the web as a marketing tool, but also the astronomical on-going growth of the Internet since its birth in 1995 when only 0.4 per cent of the world’s population had Internet access. As such, with mass useage comes risk, and there is an increasing need for users to be able to surf the net securely. A product such as an X509 Digital Certificate created through an Open SSL is just one tool specifically designed to aid the promotion of Internet security.

Implementing a Device Certificate Service during manufacturing will guarantee that wherever your company information, client details or other sensitive data is stored online, using business-based Intranet services or otherwise, it is always protected with an X509 Digital Certificate created through Open SSL. The certificate safeguards against any attempts to access services made by unauthorised devices or hardware, ensuring that your systems and information is as secure as possible.Whichever type of device you plan to distribute, Device Certificate Services enables business systems to differentiate between legitimate and unauthorized access attempts.

To those with a minimal awareness of online security, safeguarding systems may seem complex when it is actually far from it. As the device manufacturer requests an order, your Open SSL provider will certificates and keys in an encrypted format, ready for the manufacturer to embed into any device. It is a particularly simple process.
Consider the value of your enterprise and your current system access status – every company can benefit from a little extra security.

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