DHL Drone Delivery Test Proved Successful

Amazon has created a frenzy after they announced their plans of using drones as its Amazon Prime Air delivery system. The online retail giant might have been the first to come up with the concept, but its competitors are also now thinking outside the box.

dhl delivery droneWe heard of UPS doing research on using drones for deliveries, and also Deutsche Post DHL have successfully completed their first delivery using a drone, they managed to deliver its 3kg medicine package to an actual customer. The first test delivery was a huge step for the company, however it wasn’t such a far distances.

The DHL drone aka “Paketkopter” managed to make it across the skies with a 3kg medicine package at a height of 50 meters from a pharmacist in Bonn to the DHL head office that was located roughly 1km away. DHL manager Ole Nordhoff shared, “We are at the beginning of the research project. It is an exciting bit of technology.”

As of right now, the whole idea of using drones for deliveries is just a concept. However, if either of these companies can make it worthy, we might see it being used for other things in the near future.

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