Digital TV: Frequently Asked Questions

Digital TV ShowingWith their cost coming down all the time, more and more people are investing in digital TVs for their homes.
A digital TV brings with it many advantages over the analogue TVs of years gone by, but there is still a lot of variety between digital TV models. Some will have additional features or extra channels, while others will offer a better picture quality or even internet connectivity.

This can lead to some confusion over what model or make to choose. But what are some of the most frequently asked digital TV questions?

Will I still get the same channels?
Yes, the same channels that were found on terrestrial TV are also on digital TV, plus a wealth of other digital-only channels.

The traditional terrestrial channels also have their own extra digital channels. The BBC, Channel 4, ITV and Channel 5 all have other digital channels, giving you even more entertainment.

What is the picture quality like?
As mentioned earlier, some TVs will have a better picture quality than others. But overall, digital TVs have a better quality of picture than those which use an analogue signal.
This is because the digital transmission is clearer and less susceptible to interference. A digital signal is also more suited to a widescreen TV.

What extra features are there?
Again, the features will vary from model to model, but the vast majority will come with interactive features that allow you to access more content. Many digital TVs will also come with an internet connection, allowing you to view catch-up TV or surf the web.

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