eInk Mini Display Box

DISPLIO mini eInk Customizable Widget Display

Draugiem Group, the company behind the Mini eInk Widget Display is now seeking crowdfunding on KickStarter to get the device into production. The DISPLIO is a mini widget display which can be customized to display the data you want. Users have the option to display their favorite widgets, such as weather, new tweets and even email notifications.

It have the ability to show a number of widgets, and you can customize the device’s interfacing using an Android or iOS compatible app. It connects to the internet via WiFi and gives up-to-date information once connected, making it an ideal night stand or countertop companion.

The box comes with no buttons, and can be controlled using gestures; for eg, you can tap or shake it to reload, or rotate the device to switch between widgets. It’s powered by a battery, but thanks to its eInk display the power consumption is kept minimal. The device already have quite a few widgets to choose from, however the company will release a developer API available for anyone who want to create their own widgets.

You can support the product by pre-ordering the device on KickStarter as low as $79 (early bird special), plus they also have a special wood version which cost $119. Draugiem Group plans to start shipping pre-ordered units in June of 2015.

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