dreamGEAR Activ3 Workout Kit

Activ3 Workout Kit
dreamGEAR has recently launched the Activ3 Workout Kit which is to accompany the recently launched EA Sports Active for the Nintendo Wii Console. The EA Sports Active has the features to go on Multiplayer Mode so you can workout with a friend but it only comes with one leg strap. dreamGEAR Activ3 Workout Kit will solve that problem when you want to exercise with a companion.

The Activ3 Workout Kit also comes with the capability for users to take their workouts to the next level with two kits to choose from: See both kits after the jump.

Active Workout Kit:

* Increase the intensity of your bicep curls and shoulder press exercises
with the included resistance strap.

* Use the nunchuck leg strap to hold your Wii nunchuck during your workout.

* Cool down with the accompanying workout towel.

Activ3 Workout Kit:

* Tone and build your upper body with 3 interchangeable resistance tubes
(light, medium and heavy) to set your ideal strength.

* Use the nunchuck leg holster for a comfortable and functional option
while breaking a sweat.

[Thanks John]

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