dreamGEAR Arcade Fighter Controller Series

dreamGEAR Arcade Fighter
Bring back that arcade gaming experience back to your PS3 and Wii Consoles with the dreamGEAR Arcade Fighter series. The Arcade Fighter Controller Series comes with a Joystick and buttons that are perfect for tapping for the ones you remember from back in the Arcade Gaming Era.

The Arcade Fighter series comes in three variations, Picture1Arcade Fighter which was designed to simulate the interface of the traditional full sized arcade unit, the Arcade Fighter Micro which carries a JoyStick and eight wide-mouthed buttons and sturdy grip and then there is the Arcade Fighter Classic which is a modern twist on the Super NES controller. So get re-introduced to Arcade-Style Gaming for your Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 3 Consoles starting at $29.99

Arcade Fighter Controller

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