The Eaton 3S UPS Battery Backup Feeds and Protects Power Hungry Devices in your Office

Eaton 3S Battery BackupI am going to start off by saying, please don’t end up learning the hard way like I did, you need to go out and get the Eaton 3S UPS Battery Backup. Eaton recently launched the Eaton 3S UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) that was developed specifically to meet the needs of small offices, point-of-sale applications and even your home entertainment needs. The main problem that small offices and households nationwide face today is the fact that most, if not all our devices have to plugged in throughout the day and even while no one is in the office or watching the humongous television you bought for Christmas. Did you know that some of these electronic devices still use electricity when powered off and that’s the reason you hold on to the top of your head when you get your monthly invoice from the electric company?

The Eaton 3S will cut back your electricity cost as it did for me the little time I have been using it as this all-in-one UPS also consists of a surge suppressor that offers advanced power protection and energy savings. From here on out, I am going tell you some of the reason why you should have the Eaton 3S Battery Backup and how it will cut back your electric bill and have you smiling when you receive your mail.

Benefits of the Eaton 3S Battery Backup:
The 750VA Model costs approximately $95 but on the other hand you could get the 550VA model for $67, look at it this way- you will be spending less than $100 to save thousands of dollars over a year or so. I am presently using the 750VA/450 watts model and some of the key benefits of this model include:

1. It will support just about every device in your home or office. It comes equipped with a feature called EcoControl, this advanced technology features a Master outlet that links to several control outlets. When you plug-in your device, whether a television, Blu-ray or computer etc into the Master outlet and your device goes idle for an extended period of time or it is powered off, all devices plugged into the control outlets are automatically powered down which saves you up to 30 percent of the energy that would have been consumed if your device had remained on, thus saving you money. Using the EcoControl feature is an easy way to put energy conservation into practice, in order to use this feature you can download Eaton’s Personal Solution-Pac software free at

2. The Eaton 3S is ready out of the box and starts protecting your equipment the minute they are plugged in. Other than devices that require the use of a wall outlet, the 3S also offers protection to your other office peripherals such as your printer, telephone, fax and ethernet data lines. The 3S will automatically integrate with the operating system’s power management software once you have connected it to an HID-compatible USB port on your computer, whether Mac, PC or Linux.

3.The Eaton 3S also offers remote monitoring and management, this can be achieved by simple downloading the Eaton’s Intelligent Power software which comes with tools that ensures data integrity and system uptime. Using the remote management software, the user has the ability to log on, using an internet browser to the easy-to-use interface to manage the 3S protector and any network-enabled power devices in use, no matter if they are present or at the office across town. You can download the Eaton’s Intelligent Power software or view the demo at

Eaton 3S
On a Personal Note:
The Eaton 3S comes with a glossy finish which really compliments the Battery Backup, it also features a sleek slim-line form factor that makes it looks presentable whether it is wall-mounted or placed on the floor under your desk, this goes for the 550 and 750 VA models.

I really like the remote alarm notification function as it will inform you of power problems and low battery conditions with audible alarms, so you know you have approximately 10 to 30 minutes to save files and power down properly before the power goes out. Unlike most battery backups, the Eaton 3S has a replaceable battery that will save you money overtime as we all know that the conventional battery backup goes out eventually and you end up having to throw it out because it battery is built in and there is no way to replace it.

Eaton adds a three-year warranty on both models of the 3S series that no other company in the industry presently offers. They also have  the UPSGrade program, which allows you to trade in your current UPS for a newer, more efficient unit and receive an affordable upgrade. This means you won’t have to worry about disposing of your old units as Eaton will reduce your carbon footprint by disposing and recycling all UPS components for you. We recommend the  Eaton 3S go out and buy this now!

I was provided with the 3S UPS by Eaton to review and I was also compensated but please know that all the content of the article are solely my thoughts of the product.

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