ecobee Smart Si Thermostat

ecobee Smart Si Thermostat with WiFi Connectivity

ecobee Smart Si Thermostat
ecobee just launched its new Smart Si, which is a WiFi-enabled thermostat designed specially for home use.The Smart Si Thermostat comes equipped with WiFi 802.11b/g/n which enables the user to adjust the settings from anywhere using a computer, iPhone/iPad, smartphone or tablet.

The Smart Thermostat uses an “advanced algorithms” which allows the device to save the most energy possible. It also comes with a built-in live weather function. It has a color LCD display and backlit buttons, and offers a user-friendly interface.

It also has an automatic alert function that alerts and reminds homeowners when their heating and air conditioning equipment is due for servicing, if there is an equipment malfunction or when it’s time to change the filters. No pricing details or availablity date available.

[Via: BusinessWire]

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