ECS wins Mobile Broadband Notebook competition

ECS wins Mobile Broadband Notebook competition
Elitegroup Computer Systems today unveiled Simply Smart ECS G10IL notebooks where we made a giant stride possessing the power and features that is undoubtedly a winner in its class for today’s sophisticated customers.

The ECS G10IL Notebook won the GSM Association competition for notebook PCs with built-in tri-band HSDPA. The device is powered by Intel’s Diamondville (Atom) processor, up to 2GB of RAM, SSD or HDD storage, 4-in-1 one card reader.

Outstanding Design
Designed in stylish white on-the-go for fashion conscious consumers that is simply neat and extremely efficient that easily attracts attention and earns the best pre-production mobile broadband notebook from GSMA.

The 11-incher from ECS comes with built-in tri-band HSDPA and HSUPA, also called the “Super-3G” technology. The new broadband video technology allows downloads speeds of up to 7.2Mb/s for the HSDPA and 2Mb/s for the HSUPA. The ECS G10IL comes with three USB 2.0 ports, Ethernet networking, a 56 kbps analog modem, WLAN and Bluetooth, and a 4-in-one card reader.

The ECS G10IL is considered as mass market mobile broadband laptop that set as the first example of a new class of companion devices supporting the evolution towards the true Internet experience in a mobile environment.

Smile brightens your day
The G10IL’s integrated onboard 1.3-mega pixel little lens on the display bezel produces high quality, high-resolution images ideal for video conferencing, gathering business data or sending snapshots home for travelers to their love ones.

Amazing display
With our 10.2″ and 8.9″ glossy display, the G10 provides excellent combination of pixels and portability. With saturated color for an utmost viewing pleasure, provides a vivid display like surfing the web or playing movies.

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