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Effective Email Archiving and its positive impact on productivity

Increasing end-user productivity is a natural by-product of simple and secure email archiving from the Cloud

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Cloud computing is still in its relative infancy, but it is no fad. The shift away from the labour-intensive, traditional software model is doubtless a permanent one – promising new, innovative and interactive ways to work and collaborate.

It allows businesses to comprehensively eliminate the headaches caused by enduring IT issues, in turn making information services easier to access and use, more secure and, crucially, more affordable.

For IT departments managing on-premise solutions meanwhile, it is commonplace to spend significant chunks of time on complex implementation, frustrating maintenance, and projects that all too often fail to add significant value. As such, businesses are increasingly turning to cloud computing technology not only to minimise the time spent on lower-value activities and reduce costs, but to give staff the opportunity to increase productivity.

Business challenges
Migrating to a Cloud-delivered email archiving service requires organisations to discover how technology-enabled services, tailored to each business outcome, are measured against the intended business outcome. The Cloud has highlighted this need, because everything in the cloud is delivered as a service.

Modern organisations need to be proficient in operating an end-user centric model, with knowledge in weighing the value of the service against this model.

The right solution
Mimecast’s cloud-based archive service supplies end-user focused features, enabling an improvement in the productivity of users and administrators alike.

Emails and electronic files can be archived from a range of locations including Microsoft Exchange, shared networks, local folders and home drives, as well as file-hosting services such as Dropbox, and are easily accessed – on-demand – from applications and devices across the board, including native smartphone and tablet apps.

With all files stored, managed and indexed in one central archive, both quick and easy searches and an adherence to compliance regulations are guaranteed. Moreover, the cloud solution reduces costs, and significantly eases loads on server rooms – allowing IT staff to focus on strategic activity.

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