Eizo Foris FS2333 Smart Gaming Monitor

Eizo Foris FS2333 Smart Gaming Monitor Unveiled

Eizo just unveiled a new gaming monitor which gets the name Foris FS2333. It comes equipped with a 23-inch full HD screen with a 1920×1080 native resolution, which has been developed by both Eizo and Fnatic. The new monitor comes with Eizo’s all-new tone mapping technology called “Smart Insight” which has five settings for real time strategy and first person shooter games.

Eizo Foris FS2333 Smart Gaming Monitor
Other notable specifications of the monitor includes two other “Smart” technologies the first called Smart Resolution analyses an image for noise and blurring and corrects the blur without accentuating the noise. The other is called Smart Detection which identifies where on the screen a game is being played and applies super-resolution processing to sharpen the image.

The Eizo Foris FS2333 comes with stand that allows the monitor to be adjustable, it’s height can be adjusted up to 60mm, 25-degrees of tilt and 344-degrees of swivel. Eizo plans to start shipping the monitor next month, but no pricing details were unveiled.

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