Elecom M-BL5DB Wireless Mouse with BlueLED Technology

Elecom plans to launch a new wireless mouse on the Japanese market. Like its recently released wireless mouses, the M-BL5DB features a BlueLED sensor that allows the peripheral to be operational on unusual surfaces unlike the conventional wireless mice.

Elecom-M-BL5DB Wireless Mouse Series
The M-BL5DB Wireless Mouse features a 3-button design and has a lightweight frame, it comes with a tiny USB receiver that will connect the mouse over a 2.4GHz radio frequency up to 10 meters range. The M-BL5DB is equipped with a 1000dpi resolution and requires a single AA battery for operation.

The new M-BL5DB Wireless Mouse is expected to be launched in late April in the colors of Silver, White, Blue, Green, Pink and Yellow for 2,205 Yen which is approximately $27 in the US.

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