Elecom M-BM1DLPU

Elecom M-BM1DL “Baby Beans” Wireless Mouse

Elecom M-BM1DL Baby Bean Mouse
The design is nothing to be compared against its “Like a Spoon Mouse” but the Elecom M-BM1DL “Baby Beans” series of wireless mouse will brighten up your desktop with colors. Elecom just announced the M-BM1DL “Baby Beans” series and according to the company, they are the world’s smallest wireless mouse and have been inducted into the Guinness World Records.

The ultra-small mice comes with a 3-button design, they operate on a 2.4GHz radio frequency, bundled with a USB receiver that will keep users connected up to 10 meters. The Baby Beans measures 35.5mm x 54mm x 23mm and weighing just 20g, its impossible not to misplace them, they have a 1200dpi resolution, a built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery and comes in the colors of yellow, green, purple, pink, white and black.

The world’s smallest USB wireless mouse will retail on the Japanese market for 6,615 Yen or $81 if they make it onto the US market.

Elecom M-BM1DLYL
Elecom M-BM1DLYL - Yellow model

Elecom M-BM1DLBK - Black Model
Elecom M-BM1DLBK - Black Model

Elecom M-BM1DLGN
Elecom M-BM1DLGN - Green model

Elecom M-BM1DLPN
Elecom M-BM1DLPN - Pink model

Elecom M-BM1DLPU
Elecom M-BM1DLPU - Purple model

Elecom M-BM1DLWH
Elecom M-BM1DLWH - White model

[via Elecom Japan]

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