Elecom M-TG01DL Wireless Mouse

Elecom M-TG01DL Wireless MouseElecom has announced its new M-TG01DL Wireless Mouse, a compact wireless mouse that features a 5-button design and utilizes a USB nano receiver to stay connected to your computer. The M-TG01DL Wireless Mouse features a 2.4GHz radio frequency that enables the device to stay connected up to 10 meters away from the netbook, notebook or desktop computer.

It was built with an advanced laser sensor which enables the M-TG01DL to work on glass, it offers a 1200dpi resolution and is powered by one AAA battery.

The Elecom M-TG01DL Wireless Mouse is expected to hit selected markets in mid-January and goes for approximately 4,980 Yen (US$64), comes in three different color options; black, red and silver.

[via Elecom]

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