Elgato EyeTV One HDTV Tuner for Mac and PC

Elgato EyeTV One HDTV Tuner for Mac and PC
Elgato presents its EyeTV One HDTV Tuner, it is a digital TV tuner which turns your PC or Mac into a HDTV and DVR. EyeTV One connects to your TV antenna and delivers live digital TV, in stunning-quality, straight to the high-resolution display of your computer.

The EyeTV One supports ATSC Digital TV standard at 48-801 MHz (VHF and UHF) frequency range. The tuner supports 720p and 1080i outoput, closed captioning and Dolby Digital sound. It comes with the EyeTV 3 software for Mac and driver for Windows 7.

Main Features

* Digital TV tuner, receives HDTV channels that are broadcast over-the-air for free
* Very easy to set up and use; simply connect to a TV antenna (not included) and to a USB 2.0 port on a computer
* Full-sized coaxial plug and flexible USB extender cable are built-in, no assembly or adapter required
* Compatible with both Mac and Windows


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