Energizer XP14000 Portable Battery Charger

Japan Trust Technology, just unveiled a new portable battery charger that comes under the Energizer moniker, it is called the Energizer XP14000. This new Portable Battery Charger measures 155mm x 98mm x 23mm and weighs only 375 grams, which makes it possible for you to slip it into your purse or pants pocket while on the go.

Energizer XP14000 and iPhone 5The Energizer XP14000 Portable Battery Charger comes equipped with two USB 5V output ports, it has one DC 19V output port, one charging port for recharging your batteries and a built-in 14000mAh battery that keeps your device fully powered while away from the office or home for a long period.

Energizer portable battery re-chargeThe XP14000 can be used as a power source other smart phones and portable gaming devices, video cameras compatible with charging USB, can be used as a power source for a variety of devices that you prepare a commercially available USB charging cable.

Its now available on the Japanese market for the price of 15,800 Yen which is approximately $194 on the US market, but no word if it will be available on this side of the world.

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