Enjoy the summer with the quirkiest gadgets on the market

Gimmicky gizmos such as sun hats with solar-powered cooling fans, or thongs featuring a bottle top opener, can be amusing conversation pieces, and may even be used for a little while before the sense of whimsy fades. In contrast, the best gadgets earn their keep – they are used frequently because they save you time, money and frustration. Here are a few great gadget ideas.

RoboMower  Robotic Lawn MowerFind stuff, wirelessly!
In even the best-organised household keys are lost, mobile phones are misplaced and remote control devices slip down between sofa cushions. If you’ve got better things to do than spending time looking for missing wallets and things, a wireless finder might be the answer. It has a transmitter, and a number of receivers that can be attached to the things that you often mislay. Press the ‘find’ button on the transmitter, and you’ll hear a beep from the receiver attached to the misplaced item. Problem solved!

Power the mobile, with the sun!
During summer, you spend more time outdoors, and it’s frustrating when you find your mobile phone is running out of charge, and you’re nowhere near a power point. At times like these, you need a solar-powered charger to provide some juice. With a solar charger, you can take advantage of the Aussie sun in more ways than one. You can enjoy the great outdoors, without being concerned that the small appliances you depend on, from GPS navigators, to mobile phones and tablets, will run out of battery and let you down.

Blowtorch, like a Michelin-star chef!
Anyone can host a summer backyard barbecue, but if you’re an enthusiastic amateur cook, a dinner party is a perfect opportunity to show off your kitchen skills. Chefs who work in restaurants have access to specialised tools of the trade, and a home chef who aspires to professional culinary creations deserves to own a few gadgets, too. A kitchen blowtorch is a simple, inexpensive tool that helps a home chef to deliver some impressive results, like a crunchy, crackly topping for crème brûlée.

Mow the lawn, using robots!
Does mowing the lawn keep you from spending more time on the greens at your golf course? A robotic mower will keep your lawns trim automatically. Once set up, it will follow a mowing schedule, steering itself around your lawns before returning itself to its docking station for recharging. (A robotic lawn mower with remote controls might appeal to you if you prefer to stay in charge of lawn mowing operations, and want keep an eye on your mower from the comfort of your sun lounge.)

Weigh the luggage, with tiny portable scales!
When you’re far from home, a little retail therapy adds to the summer holiday experience, but there’s a risk of finding that your luggage is overweight when you arrive at the airport check-in desk. If you’ve ever had to pay for luggage that’s over the allowable weight, or been forced to put on every item of clothing you packed, you’ll recognise the value of tiny, portable scales that you can use in your hotel room to make sure that the weight of each of your bags is within the airline’s allowance.

If any of these clever devices has taken your fancy, you might want to start dropping hints in the hope that Santa will deliver one of these useful, quirky gadgets. For those who can’t bear to wait for the festive season, a quick internet search is likely to reveal a treasure trove of gadgets, each one specially designed to solve a problem you didn’t know you had!

This is a guest post written and sponsored by the Team at The Good Guys.

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