enTourage Systems Launches Their e-Book Store

enTourage eDGe e-Book
Remember the dual-screen enTourage eDGe Hybrid e-Book Reader from enTourage Systems? Well they have just launched their their e-book store. This e-Book Store will offer enTourage eDGe users access to one million public domain books digitized by Google, plus access to hundreds of thousands of professional and trade book titles from Ingram and thousands of books and over 175 popular periodicals from Libre Digital.

The enTourage eDGe from enTourage Systems is a dual-screen hybrid e-reader, netbook, note pad and A/V player and recorder. It’s made up of a Wi-Fi enabled e-paper screen allowing users to easily read e-books, take notes, and draw diagrams with a stylus on its Touchscreen Interface.

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