Epoq EPP-CEP1 Pico Projector

Epoq EPP-CEP1 Pico Projector
After the 3M MPro Mini Projector, I never thought I would see another mini projector to come close to it, until I saw the specs of the Epoq EPP-CEP1 Pico Projector.

First of all it runs WIndows CE 5.0 and it has the compatibility to display Word, PowerPoint, Excel and PDF files during presentations without attaching it to a PC. It can also display BMP, JPEG, PDF image formats as well as video files without a PC.

The reason for this is because it carries its own processor which is a Samsung ARM9 Core 2442 400MHz processor with 64MB RAM and 64MB flash memory plus you can store files for presentation on an SD card and use it via your SD card slot. It can throw a maximum image size of 50-inch with a 10 lumens brightness level and a 640 x 480 VGA resolution. It has 3W white LED backlight and integrated speakers and it is only for $359.95

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  1. It will be great advantage of having sd card slot inbuilt. Inbuilt processor and and 64 MB will produce great results.Thanks for this nice product review.

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