Epson GPS running monitor watch

Epson announced the World’s Lightest GPS Watch

In addition to SanDisk unveiling the world’s smallest 128GB NAND Flash memory chip, Epson also made an entry into the record books as well with the new Epson GPS Wrist Watch which is also the world’s smallest GPS running monitor watch on the market.

Epson GPS running monitor watch
The new Epson sports wristwatch has a ultra slim design measuring just 13mm and weighs no more than 50 grams, it is also water resistant up to 5 meters submerged which allows the user to shower or even go for a swim while wearing the device. The Epson GPS Watch also comes equipped with a built-in low-power, high accuracy GPS module that provides the user with accurate data on their performance, including their distance, speed and pace.

It can operate for up to 12 hours on a full charge with its GPS tracking function on. Epson plans to release the new GPS Wristwatch in Japan later this year, no pricing details has been announced.

[via SplashGear]

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