Epson Colorio Me E-800 Postcard Printer with Digital Photo Frame

Epson Colorio Me E-800
Epson introduces the new Epson Colorio Me E-800 Postcard Printer which can also be used as a Digital Photo Frame. The new Epson Colorio Me Printer features a 7-inch large LCD display and also comes with a keyboard so you can add an address to the Postcards you print.

It has an IrDA connection, USB Connectivity, it supports PictBridge for direct printing from cameras and there is also a Remote Control. Along with the Colorio Me E-800, Epson also introduced the Colorio Me E-600 photo printer/digital photo viewer, this doesn’t have a keyboard but it does have a Remote control. The E-600 will be released in November, while the E-800 is available now in Japan for $600.

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