Epson Endeavor MR7000E

Epson Endeavor MR7000E Desktop PC

Epson Endeavor MR7000E
Epson is more famous when it comes to peripherals and projectors but most consumers don’t know that the company also makes desktop PCs. Epson just unveiled a new desktop PC, the Endeavor MR7000E.

The new desktop is a BTO (Build To Order) system, it comes equipped with a 2.40GHz Intel Celeron G530 processor, an Intel H77 Express Chipset, it has a 500GB hard drive, a 2GB DDR3 RAM and a DVD-ROM drive.

The Epson Endeavor MR7000E also features other specifications such as a multi-card reader and runs Windows 7 Home Premium OS on its basic configuration. The basic configuration of the Endeavor MR7000E is presently available on the Japanese market for the price of 66,990 Yen which is approximately $835 in the US currency.

[Via: Epson Japan]

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