Review: Epson Workforce 600 All-In-One Printer

Epson Workforce 600
A few days ago we did an unboxing of a Epson Workforce 600 All-In-One WiFi Printer and ever since we have been playing around and giving it Printing, Scanning and Faxing Tests. The Epson Workforce 600, the name explains everything, Workforce. This Printer was really made for the Workforce, so whether you have a small business or even a Home-based office and your job requires continuous Faxing, Printing and Scanning we recommend you get the Workforce 600. Did we mention that it supports WiFi printing too, no cables required if you don’t want to encounter with entangled wires.

Setting Up the Printer
Epson Workforce 600 All-In-One Printer
Because its the first we were dealing with an WiFi Printer I thought it would take a entire day to set it up. The process is simply as any normal printer, first you run the installation CD and follow the step instructions and the installation finishes then you need to set up the WiFi. To set up the WiFi first you have to hook the ethernet cable up to your router then run the installation once more and follow the easy instructions and that’s it.

Special Features
You will definitely fall in love with the 2.5-inch LCD Color Display. The Epson Workforce also gives the option of printing photos direction from a Flash Memory or SD Card. Here is a full run down of the Workforce Giant.

* 5-in-1 — Print, Copy, Scan, Fax, Photo, Wi-Fi
* Draft speeds up to 38 ppm (black and color)
* Laser quality documents about 2x faster
* Wi-Fi and Ethernet networking built in
* Extra High-capacity Black ink
* 2-year limited warranty with registration
* Smudge, fade, water resistant, highlighter friendly
* Uses up to 3x less power than a laser printer
* Fax and 30-page ADF
* Built-in memory card slots and 2.5-inch LCD

I was really trying to find some bad stuff about the printer but couldn’t find any so I have to say is that it is easy to navigate with the 2.5 LCD screen and buttons with pictures on it to help you even more. The Printer gives laser quality images although it is an Ink jet Printer and the images won’t smudge. So why waste your money on a laser printer when you can get a Workforce 600 that does the same thing at the same speed for a mere $200. Find out where you can get one to buy right here.

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