eSkin Thermometer

eSkin Thermometer Wearable from VivaLnk

During CES 2015, VivaLnk took the wraps off its eSkin Thermometer which is somewhat similar to its digital tattooing unveiled at CES last year. The concept is similar, it allows the user to stick the eSkin Thermometer on their body and see readings on their smartphones or tablets.

eSkin Thermometer
The sticker comes in the form of a cute little bear, which means its perfect for children who would normally get agitated about things sticking to their arm.

The sticker features NFC technology allowing the user to read data from the sticker with an NFC-enabled smartphone by simply bringing the device close to the sticker. Acording to VivaLnk, the sticker is washable and should last about 15 days, which means one sticker should last for the duration of you or your child’s sickness.

VivaLnk has plans to release the eSkin Thermometer in the spring of 2015 and they are hoping that they will be able to sell the eSkin for a price between $15-$20 for a pack of three stickers.

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