Evergreen DN-82562 Waterproof Wired Keyboard

Evergreen has announced its new DN-82562 Wired Keyboard that comes with Waterproof protection thanks to its rubber-coated keys. The waterproof wired keyboard comes with 87 keys which were all rubber coating to protect against accidental spills.
Evergreen DN-82562 Waterproof Wired KeyboardIt has a built-in touchpad and utilizes a USB 2.0 connector. The keyboard is also compact, it measures only 343mm x 228mm x 12mm and weighs 880 grams in total.

The new DN-82562 Waterproof Wired Keyboard from Evergreen is now available in Japan and goes for the price of 4,999 Yen which is approximately $64 in US when converted.

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