Evernote Partners with Kakao Talk Messaging Service

Evernote has announced this week that the online note storage and organisation service, has partnered with South Korean messaging service Kakao Talk. A new version of the Kakao Talk will not allow users to save their conversations to the Evernote service and provide the ability to share them with friends.

Kakao Talk Messaging ServiceEvernote’s products have traditionally been quite introverted; keeping your own memories and information for your own use. But there’s a big demand for improving our sharing and collaboration capabilities, and we’re always looking for the most innovative ways to do that. With Kakao Talk, people will be able to share their memories more easily, as well as keep the conversations that are important to them. There is a lot we can learn about sharing and communication by working with Kakao.” Evernote CEO Phil Libin explained in the press release how the partnership will make the service more social.

There are no specific timeline for the rollout of the new Kakao Talk Messaging Service app with Evernote integration, but both companies are currently working on the alpo development which will initially go live in Korea only.

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