Facebook admits that company was hacked in January

On Friday, Facebook revealed that the company fell victim to a sophisticated international hacking, but even thought its security was breached they found no evidence that user data was released. The company revealed that they weren’t the only ones that got hacked saying: “Facebook was not alone in this attack. It is clear that others were attacked and infiltrated recently as well.” If you remember twitter recently revealed that their security was also breached and approximately 250k of their users were at risk.

FacebookThe company also went on to say that the breach in their security was accomplished using flaws in Java. Facebook says that they were hacked after their employees visited a compromised site for mobile developers. Their computers were infected with data collection and distribution tools from that compromised website.

According to their security experts, a suspicious file was spotted on the company network and traced it back to an employee’s work-issued laptop. Soon they identified a malicious file and identified “several other compromised employee laptops.

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