Facebook launches Photo Comments Feature

I’m guessing that the guys over at Facebook was thinking about new ways to constantly keep the users to come back multiple times per day, and they have initiate a function that was not available on the social media site. They have added the option for your friends and acquaintances to reply to your post with a picture, pretty cool huh.

Facebook Photo CommentFor years the only thing you could do was try to paste a photo link as a comment, and they would have to click on the link to see the photo but now you can actually post the photo itself as a comment. The good news is that Facebook began rolling out a new camera button this week that allows you to reply to status updates using an image.

The new feature launched globally starting yesterday, but its only available on the web and the Facebook mobile site but there’s no telling when they will be adding the option to the Facebook mobile application for iPhone, Android or Windows Phone 8 devices.

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